Axialis IconWorkshop

Axialis IconWorkshop 6.91

Create or edit icons for Windows, MacOS, iOs or Linux

Make your own icons or customize the ones that you already to have to give them a more personal feel. The tool creates ICO files of up to 768x768 resolution as well as PNG, BMP, RSC, ICNS or BIN files and includes the ability to process multiple icons at the same time.

Axialis IconWorkshop is a program for creation of icons. It’s very simple and it has a very attractive appearance. It has multiple options and configurations. This program lets you create and include images which are to be used as icons; it provides the option of changing the file resolution and specifications, giving thus the possibility to use them in different operating systems.
It has a spectacular appearance, displaying showy colors and icons. The program is shareware, and its trial period is 30 days.
The program provides animation options, management of different resolution scales, creation of libraries to keep the icons organized and an explore option to check and change the icons in the operating system. There is a thing I should mention: the program needs other plug-ins, for example, Quicktime or the alternative versions to have the ability to create animated icons.
Its Requirements: Windows® 95 or higher, 15MB HD, 64MB RAM, 1024x768. It is fully compatible with Windows Vista. It lets us create icons for Windows Vista and Mac OS.

Jose Ruiloba
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  • Support and Management of Windows Vista Icons
  • Creation of Mac OS Icons
  • User-Friendly
  • Striking appearance


  • Shareware, trial period is 30 days only
  • Need other plug-ins to have a complete animation function
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